From Gran Canaria Airport

Just had a well-needed blow out!

0315 in the morning, no overnight flights, so the airport is virtually empty. Here we are, sitting in the coffee shop and you would think it would be quiet. Oh no, not a chance.

A couple of tables away there’s a middle-age man and woman; I can’t make out if they are Scottish, Spanish or Swedish – as they are using all three languages. They seem to be in the depths of a marriage/relationship crisis.

For the past hour, the woman has been saying – over and over and over – ad nauseum, “no pasa nada, no pasa nada” (nothing happened, nothing happened). Eventually,  “yo quiero tu, yo quiero tu”  (I want you, I want you) was added. The bits in between are in English with a Scottish accent and now and then, a spurt of Svenske.

Meanwhile, behind us the 3 staff were in a conversation that was escalating in speed, volume and passion – until it became a huge argument.

Sounding more and more like the monkey house at feeding time – this with only 5 people!

Pissed off,  I lost it and shouted out, “FOR GOD’S SAKE, SHUT UP, THE LOT OF YOU!” – causing J to jump out of his skin.

Silence reigned and  eyes full of surprise, quickly followed by disbelief, then glares, all turned towards me.

Well, silence reigned for a few seconds. Once over the surprise, the conversations started up again – quietly at first, but soon back to full volume.

By God, I enjoyed that outburst 😀 😀 😀

Well, now the love-lorn have stormed off and J has explained I got the gist of the story wrong. He followed the Swedish side more and here’s the dirt…..

They have been writing to each other. They arranged to meet here in Gran Canaria for a holiday get-together.

He has turned out a big disappointment. In his letters, he described himself as ‘Sexy and charming with a good job and money’

She is thoroughly disappointed with the goods – not as described in the blurb, obviously; so now she is GOING HOME!

Shame I didn’t get the net book out sooner – I could have recorded it all for you 😀

And now I understand why people like the night shift – for the purpose of illicit affairs!  Twice in the time we’ve been here, I’ve taken my cup of tea outside – some fresh, warm air. TWICE, I’ve caught staff canoodling outside. The first time – a security guard and a woman from the cafe. Next time, TWO policia with the bathroom cleaner. Mmm…. the spice of life.

Only 3 hours to go. All has calmed down – we might get 40 winks 😉

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