Well there´s still 29 days before the start of this trip, so I thought that on each of the waiting days I would post a selection of photos from previous trips and tell you a little about them.

In no particular order – just using whichever images remind me of something.

I´m starting with some from one of my favourite places in North America: Monument Valley, Arizona. This was our third visit to this magnificent area – famous from many western movies. As soon as the impressive buttes appear on the horizon, you feel as though you are in a John Wayne film.

Guzzi In The Valley

This area belongs to and is managed by the Navajo Nation

Monument Valley, Arizona

On this particular visit, the sky on our way there was very threatening. Big black clouds were racing across the sky and bolts of lightning flashed all around us and the thunder was ominously loud and close-sounding. We almost turned around because it isn´t much fun being on a bike in those conditions. But the fact was, it was as far back to the motel as it was to the visitor´s centre at the monument. There´s a lovely hotel called The Outlook there too – a place to shelter if things got a little too `electric´.

Dusty Trail To The Buttes

Fortunately the clouds lightened and the thunder moved further away. Photography condition were not so good – glaring light through the clouds and the beautiful buttes mostly in the shade. Twice we have attempted to camp here but the weather has thwarted us. The `camp site´ is nothing more than a flattish, sandy area, partway down the dirt road you can see. A four-wheel drive can cope quite easily – an overloaded two-wheel bike is a different kettle of fish.

So, once again, I didn´t get the chance to photograph a sunset or a sunrise – once again we had to turn around before darkness fell and head back to our motel in Bluff, Utah – 160 miles back.

East Mitten

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