Bit of a bummer, but alright now…

At last….after 9 months…. we get back to the Guzzi. Here she is, all coddled up – along with lots of gear


We’ve jokingly said, a few times, “hope the bike starts”.

Well today, it didn’t; dead as a dodo. This was the new, all-singing, all-dancing $200 gel battery meant to cope with sub-zero temperatures for months on end. Huh.

We wheeled her out and gave a few pushes – nada.

Worse, the alarm kept going off. That has its own battery – which was alive and kicking: kicking every 60 seconds with its ear-piercing squeal. Y’see, you need the main battery to get the alarm battery out of winter mode. Duh.

The storage units are on a big industrial estate – no gas station nearby or anything. We don’t have a mobile either. So J went for a walk to see what he could see, while I stood with the widget – never further away than about 2 bike lengths.

J returned with a battery charger he’d had to buy CA$96. The man in the office let him plug the charger in. OK, at 10 amps charging, it was going to take 2 hours to charge up. Two hours with a screeching alarm going off every 60 seconds.

We took turns at going for a walk and did find a diner about half a mile away, so at least, one at a time, we could get a drink and have a pee.

This is b-o-r-i-n-g. But you only have to listen for just over 60 seconds; imagine more than 2 hours! Watch your lugs!

Once the battery was fully charged, we put it back and…. voila, she started on the second attempt.

Now J took her off for a ride and to fill up with fuel. I stayed behind to sort the gear and get my riding things on. Here, for your entertainment, after listening to  that awful siren…

Well, we are out for a meal with friends tonight and hope to leave early tomorrow. Then we’ll be un-wi-fi-d in Ohio – except when we go to the little library. So if you don’t hear anything for a couple of days – that’s why. But it’ll give me chance to go through some photos. We had a great time with J’s sister. She drove us around locally – to Windsor and Eton – also I GOT TO SEE AND PHOTOGRAPH A WINDMILL.

6 Replies to “Bit of a bummer, but alright now…”

  1. Oh Girl… It’s a good omen… all that nasty out of the way has cleared the road for you to sit on that Italian horse and listen to her hum along the road to adventure…


  2. I had a Kawasaki Versys rental in the UK last summer that did exactly the same thing with the alarm. I could disarm it and start the bike. I could ride around all day, but once I got up to about 50 mph or so I would hear it rearm. If I accelerated it was fine, when I slowed it’d go off.

    I finally just took the fob and tied it to the left mirror stalk. When it would arm, I would count to three & disarm it. Occasionally it would go off as I was coming up behind someone & I am sure they thought it was the rozzers 🙂

    Have a safe trip, the weather looks fine!


      1. I am back here until Thursday when I head to western NY for the Guzzi rally. are you heading south, west, east or??? on this year’s journey


    1. Thanks Daniel. It was easy-peasy going through Sandusky – much less stressful and laid-back. Only got a half hour in the library for wi-fi so just putting some pics on for now and will write about the ride here next time.


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