Hi From Ontario

After a 6am start, yesterday, we finally arrived at the motel at 7pm local time (midnight BST).

It had been a long day dealing with three big airports – Heathrow, Montreal and Toronto and then a 2 hour ride in an airport shuttle to Hamilton. And, of course, at each airport – we were in the wrong part of the airport and had a huge hike to get to the right part.

But a burger and a beer finished us off nicely. Climbed into bed and asleep in seconds.

Woke early though as our bodies are still 5 hours ahead.

Beautiful day here yesterday but rain and even thunder forecast for later on.

We’re waiting for the worst of the work traffic to pass and will go and pick up the bike around 10am. So will write a bit more then and post some pics

4 Replies to “Hi From Ontario”

  1. Yipeee!
    Hope the weather holds good for you, the bike starts and no more airport nightmares… time for some freedom 🙂


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