Kentucky IS DRY

A very quickie tonight – been a long day and my ass is sore, my pelvis feels like someone tried to split it in half and to top it all off, Kentucky is a DRY STATE – damn and blast, not a beer in sight!  We’re in the bible belt – Kentucky. Hope to have better coms tomorrow and a little more time to show you photos.

The first couple of days always seems to take it out of us – have to get into the groove a bit!

Oh yes, I gave up counting dead raccoons once we reached the Ohio/Kentucky State line; more than 50 poor splatters on our way down here. And lots of dead re-treads too!

Hoping to get to see our friend in northern Georgia tomorrow, but she hasn’t replied to an email,  so if she isn’t around, we’ll carry on to Savannah, Georgia.


4 Replies to “Kentucky IS DRY”

  1. There’s great sushi in Brevard, too. Also, for future reference, Kentucky as a state isn’t dry…it’s just that some counties are. Kentucky is the home of bourbon whisky, so….


    1. Trust us to find a dry county!

      Loved Brevard – great town, very clean and loads of good restaurants. Met a guy with a nice fish restaurant and, unbelievable – he knew friends of ours from the cruising scene! Jim Bean….. uh-oh 🙂


    1. Thanks Daniel – it didn’t matter really, we were too tired to go looking and didn’t need it. So we just made up for it with a delicious meal and 2 micro-brewery beers in a wonderful restaurant in Brevard, North Carolina. Great little town. Will have to catch up with pics and writing tomorrow now – rode around 400 miles today – been interesting 🙂


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