This Is All You Get Tonight….

Almost 11pm. In Seminole, a fairly small town in yet an other ‘dry’ (in every sense of the word) county in Texas. The temperature is still over 100 F. Had trouble finding a meal – all those dry Baptists have nothing to do but go to bed at 9pm.

So, a Snickers for tea – and nice cold water. Better treatment given in prison, methinks.

Here’s the temp after about 10 mins in a gas station – so the thermometer had actually fallen

Around 5pm today - the thermometer had dropped after 10 minutes in the air conditioning of a gas station (we were glugging down water by the pint)

The day had started off hot, but it was incredible just how much hotter it was to get. As we rode along TX-83, the wind was as warm as a very hot hairdryer. At times, the wind actually burned my hands and I had to hide them. Our eyeballs dried up – despite the visors. Hot sand blew across the road and the scorching grains felt like red-hot needles being blasted onto any exposed skin.

As far as daylight hours went, we could have made it across the state line into New Mexico, but we both began to feel a bit dizzy and nauseated – despite drinking a litre of water or juice every 50 miles. We realised it would be foolish to carry on and so found a motel.

I have to say this, the Moto Guzzi is a superb machine, a reliable workhorse and our overloaded little Breva deserves a medal. Eat your hearts out Harley boys – you would have been scorching by the side of those hot, dusty road with your fore and aft cylinders; the Guzzi has the V the way it was meant to be!

One final photo for tonight. Perhaps this is one of the reasons we frequently got lost, confused, dazed; maybe we aren’t just going senile!

Confused? You should be!

Gnite for now

Today’s mileage: 312 miles

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