OH JOY – back in the wilderness

A quickie as we were up at 5am. Had a great ride – crossed the Continental Divide at over 7,000 ft, so it was a lot cooler. Even got a few drops of rain! Wonderful to be back in the wilderness; from here, it just gets better. We’re in a motel in Aztec, New Mexico. Nice, friendly place. The owner is a biker – nowadays, sort of; after a terrible accident in his truck, he lost an eye – almost his life and the drunk driver who hit him did lose his life – so riding his bike is very difficult now. Interesting story, so will tell you tomorrow. Also, just LOVE his bike, an unusual Kawasaki; a ZL600 Eliminator from 87, I think.
Nice little town this; but enough for now – knacked. Jeez – I must be getting old. Mind you, our first ride of the day was 140 miles before stopping for a fill up and a coffee, and it does kind of tell on the ol’ butt-ocks.

We hope to get to the Aztec ruins by 8am and then come back to the room to pack the bike. But if the ruins take more time than we think, then might stay here tomorrow as well. Otherwise, the route for tomorrow ( or the day after) is….

Gnite for now amigos.

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