Ride Like The Wind

Hi from our favouritest town and State – Kanab (pronounced C-nab, not as we say it Kay-nab) Utah. Favourite despite having laws that make it compulsory for beer to be less than 3% – or, as our friend Wayne calls it, Yew-Taw (Utah) Piss.

Having a seven day break for some photography – yippee – and also, we have to wait for a new air filter to be posted to us – when you see the sand we rode through for more than 90 miles, you’ll understand why. Been busy today dismantling the poor bike to get at the filter and washing dead bugs of our riding gear.

I’ve been editing photos – loads of dust spots to remove because the sand got onto the camera sensor (thank heavens it wasn’t my beloved Nikon – however, I have done a good job of cleaning the sensor today – it’s all nicey, nicey again). I’ll put those on tomorrow along with some interesting happenings and a cudda-got-killed experience….

Meanwhile, hope you enjoy this and will excuse the jerky action – the video was taken at 70 to 90 mph and the roads are a bit bumpy! 😀

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