It’s A Moto Guzzi! Bella, Bella, Bella. Ah, It’s A Leica….

Hi from Parowan, Utah (close to Cedar Breaks NP).

Camping was good – although we couldn’t get the tent pegs into the hard ground and had to hold the tent up with rocks.

Finding A Pitch
G'dam hard ground here - how do we get all this on our little bike? I always wonder myself!

I got to the Narrows (photos later) and, on the way in to Zion, we had a fun encounter with a tour bus-load of happy Italians who all wanted their photo taken with the Guzzi….

” Moto Italiano, Moto Italiano” Ahhhh, Bella, Bella, Bella

They had to pose in batches! In this shot, a lovely man from Hong Kong (he had a nice Canon AND a Leica!) with a lovely, happy group of photographers joined in….

The Italian Job

And J got his 15 minutes – or what it 15 seconds? – of fame…

Italina Press - No, Hong Kong Press
Italian Press - Not here, this is the Hong Kong contingent admiring the Guzzi

Imagine – there’s me with my little Sony Nex, DYING to pull my Nikon out of the side bags!!!!

But for now, just this little video of the wonderful roads in Zion. Forgive me using Christopher Cross on TWO vids – but I’m a bit short of audio files at the mo. I’d really welcome some good suggestions for music to suit beautiful bike rides.

Here’s the route taken over the previous 2 days.

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