Well, I’ve got a lot of photos to go through and loads to tell – but a bit numb now after 3 Miller Lights’ – real beer here in Nevada – plus a drop of J & B whiskey, so not very compos at the mo.

We’ve been in some incredibly remote areas – 158 miles between any sign of life at one point and the low fuel light was nag-nag-nagging for the final 10 miles – I searched for aliens on the Extraterrestrial Highway and found three of them in the bar (now there’s a story)

The route taken over the last 5 days

So I just threw a video together to show just how lonely, empty and endless these roads are.

Moving motel tomorrow (for a cheaper one that gives discounts to the age-ed) and hoping to catch up on a lot of things.


4 Replies to “Deserted”

  1. Met your Hubby at the Flower Basket (coffee shop) this evening while you were on the train. Had a short little talk regarding your trip. Glad that you found our little town had enough to keep you busy for an extra day or two! Safe travels.


    1. Hi there and many thanks for looking and commenting. Maybe we’ll see you later in the coffee shop. Thoroughly enjoyed the train ride – magical. But found my hair full of cinders later on – quite funny.


    1. Lol Daniel. Pretty much all there is out here. isn’t it wonderful to find wilderness in this over-populated world!


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