Marquette Motorcycle Museum, Kansas

Hi all!

Well, we are back in Ohio, at the home of our friends Pete and Barb.They don’t have internet, so I’ve just come into the library for a quick update – too hung over to do much other than add a slideshow of the museum we visited in Kansas.

Lots to tell – another day – temps over 120 F (50 C), laying the bike over once (nobody hurt) and then another near accident on railway lines. But it’ll have to wait a couple of days.

Meanwhile, if you love motorbikes, I hope you enjoy seeing these old beauts and Lucille, the BMW ridden by Jim Oliver, that made it around the world in 60 days. If the letter isn’t legible, I’ll write it out and p later.

They were taken at the Kansas Motorcycle Museum


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Keep the shiny side up 🙂

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