Privileged; Licked By A Leopard

This was such a privilege that I’m putting this quick post on by itself. I’ll have to explain the how and where next time, but yes, my friend and I touched and were licked by a black leopard (also known as a panther).

The photos aren’t great as it was a tight situation with little time to flaff about but an honor neither Barb or I will ever forget.

9 Replies to “Privileged; Licked By A Leopard”

    1. It definitely is Serena. He had a tongue like 60 grit and gave us a good exfoliating:)

      Many thanks for your other comments too, much appreciated xxx


    1. As we approached him, his eyes looked kind of predatory, then his handler petted him and his eyes changed. We put our hands to the wire and he licked and licked away. He was in a compound with a huge tiger and I managed to touch the tiger’s fur but really didn’t know about him licking me. Barb and me had hearts pounding! We were actually in their compound but a small gate was drawn across so we could get past. Fantastic experience. Got to leave the library now, so will write more when I have time. xxxxxxxxxxx


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