The Final Leg

Hi from Port Huron, Michigan – the St Clair River is all that stands between us and Canada now and on Wednesday we’ll cross the Bluewater Bridge, checking out of the USA and in to Canada.

We’ll ride the 144 miles to Hamilton and arrange storage for another 9 months before getting the shuttle to Toronto airport and flying back to Heathrow on the 28th August.

Meanwhile, we have four days of R & R in this nice town of Port Huron.It is a perfect place to be – very much still small-town America, a one-time important port. There are boat rides, museums, lots of great bars and cafes and all are in walking distance of the motel.

The City of Port Huron, stretching for seven miles along the shore of the St. Clair River and the base of Lake Huron, is an international border crossing marked by the spectacular Blue Water Bridge.

Port Huron is known as the Maritime Capital of the Great Lakes with unique sites to be explored… you can immerse yourself in maritime lore by visiting the only existing lightship on the Great Lakes, the Huron Lightship. Tour Coast Guard Cutter “Bramble”  The Great Lakes Maritime Centre for insight on the great lake and ocean-going freighters navigating one of the busiest waterways in the world.  And Fort Gratiot Lighthouse, Michigan’s oldest working lighthouse is calling me back for more photography.

So now I can try to catch up with things on this blog.

More to follow very soon. TTFN 🙂

9 Replies to “The Final Leg”

  1. Just checked e-mail, didn’t realize you were in PH until Wednesday. If you like you are more than welcome to stay here, Relax, or do something, cruise in the TR-3, ride the Norton, dink some homemade wine, etc. I’m about 40 mi west of PH, you could leave from here whenever for Hamilton. Looking forward to hearing from you and perhaps seeing you, if not this time, maybe next year……………..Rick (810-796-3328)


    1. Hi Rick. Man, I wish I’d noticed this earlier… I didn’t get an email notifying me of any messages until tonight. Too late now – tomorrow is our final day 😦

      But thank you so much for your generous offer – it would have been great fun to be in a Triumph again and, well, what can I say? A NORTON. I’da had to get (and would be entitled to wear) the T- shirt.

      Definitely next year. I think we should come later in the year – in the fall – and see the wonderful autumn colors.

      Take care, ride safe and stock up on the home-brewed vino 🙂


  2. funny… I used to live right across the river in Point Edward (not to be confused with Sarnia) the people of Point Edward loved to be independent.
    A somewhat boring slog down the 402 is ahead of you I guess. Safe journey & thanks for taking us along!


    1. Greg, one day – one day…. we’ll get together and Guzzi up the east coast 🙂

      But don’t stop reading, I’ve got more to add. Hope to have time tomorrow.

      Been around the town on the trolley bus today – 10 cents; great tour – be putting the photos on as soon as I’ve emptied my camera.

      Ride safe


    2. Yep, that is a boring slog – but only 144 miles. Then the storage and stuff to sort.

      Just looked up Point Edward. What dya go an move for? 🙂


  3. Hello you two adventurers!
    Bon Voyage back to your home
    on the water. You are definitely
    the intrepid travelers, guzziing along
    in all kinds of weather, meeting people
    touched by your story of sights, places
    and new friends. Best of luck always and
    thanks for the inspiration you both exude!
    Marsha Rasmussen, northern Utah.


    1. Aww, thank you Marsha. We’ll definitely be back to your beautiful part of the world next year and will join you for another great coffee and breakfast at the cafe.

      There’s still a lot of things to add to the blog yet, but I’m trying to get my head around it. Traveling for weeks on end is a bit like having eaten too much; you can’t quite face another meal just at the moment. I get a bit of a brain blank and have to let some time go by before I can recall details.

      You take care my friend 🙂


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