One Week To Go

This time next week will see us at Heathrow Airport waiting to board for our flight to Toronto, Canada.

There’s a few things to sort out beforehand – I have to put my temporary home (a little caravan) into storage.

With Jan in the Canaries last week and in Kent this week, whilst I am at the other corner of the country in Cornwall, it can get confusing who has what or if not here, then WHERE IS IT?

Our riding gear and helmets are in the lock-up with the bike.

We have a lot of our gear stored with friends Pete and Barb in Ohio; camping stuff, maps, first aid kit and items I always forget about.

So, hopefully, all we need are our passports, temporary bike insurance for the USA & Canada, medical and travel insurance documentation along with all the electronics – laptop, camera, portable hard drive and all the snakes of wiring to charge the above. As far a s clothing goes – well, 2 tee shirts each (one of which we will be wearing) the trousers we travel in, a set of thermals each and socks and undies – not a lot really – for 10 weeks!

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