Day 4: Lansing, Michigan.

This is a quick update on the bike service.

We arrived in Lansing by midday, booked into a hotel, did some laundry and at 4pm, went to meet Brian at the Guzzi workshop. But Larry is away, so Brian decided we would do the service at his home a few miles down the road.


All went well until the headlight had to be unscrewed to give access to the front forks – part of the molding on the headlamp had become brittle and fell to bits.


It would appear that when the holder for the tax disc was fitted, it had been over-tightened and cracked the plastic headlight housing.

We thought we had a good solution – Kim, Brian’s wife has the same Guzzi as we do. Fine, Brian said, ‘we will use Kim’s headlamp and I will replace hers later on. Kim’s lamp was almost disconnected before Brian remembered  he had attached a headlight modulator to the unit and it was not a simple matter to disconnect.

The forks were sorted very easily really – and we could have been on our way tomorrow had the lamp fixing not broken.



Besides which, it was 9pm and Brian had been working all day. We are hoping the Breva in the MG workshop is standard and will fit our bike. Fingers crossed.

Regardless – a very pleasant evening was had by all – lovely bbq in the garden


and lots of beautiful cycle bits in Brian’s workshop entertained me and my camera. I only had the Panasonic – so will take the Nikon tomorrow as I can see some very interesting images presenting themselves…..


Now, at almost 11pm, here we are, in a very nice, but too expensive motel


and we rode back on Kim’s RED Guzzi. I’ll post a photo of that tomorrow – although Wifi may not be available then –  because we will look for a cheaper place to stay first thing tomorrow – in case we have a few more days here!

2 Replies to “Day 4: Lansing, Michigan.”

  1. Unfortunate but better to find out in the workshop than at night in the middle of no where doing 60mph. Stay safe.


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