Check Out The 2012 Blog

Hi there everyone. Hope you are all well and happy.

Been a very busy year for us with lots of parent health issues going on for Jan so we weren’t sure when, or even if we would make it to the USA this year.

It was all last-minute stuff as far as arrangements went – but…… here we are, back in Lansing, Michigan.

The bike has had its yearly service and we are just about ready to leave the motel and head to friends in Ohio, Pete and Barb.

Hope you will check out the new blog here; it is always great to hear from you.

6 Replies to “Check Out The 2012 Blog”

  1. Greatings from Ely, Nevada! Looking forward to tracking your trip this year and seeing your great photos again. If you are headed our way this year, brace yourself for some heat. Nights are still cool/cold but it is starting to heat up during the day.


    1. HEY DAHN (and beautiful Ely) GREAT to hear from you. We are in Ohio at the moment and planning on leaving Saturday or Sunday. This year we are heading for Montana and Idaho and HOPE to make Ely again as it is one of our favorite towns. If we make it – we’ll see you for a coffee 🙂


    1. Hi Daniel – thank you; lovely to be back and the weather is great 🙂 Hope you are well.


  2. hey! welcome back. I would pitch the western NY guzzi rally (as I do every year to you) but we aren’t going to be there this year. We are off to Montreal for F1 instead. What direction will you go this time? heading east at all? safe journey!



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