Day 1: Ohio to UP, Michigan

Hi from the St Ignace on the Upper Peninsula, Michigan!

Yes, we got off 😀


Up at 0400 to say goodbye to Pete – that’s the time he has to leave for work (so we did go back to bed for a couple of hours)

Actual departure time was 10am; we loaded up the bike – always slow going the first couple of times – hugged Barb lots and waved goodbye.

Along the country roads to the Ohio Turnpike so we could avoid Toledo.

Eventually, we joined 127 north and after 4 fill-ups of fuel, 4 coffees and one hot dog each on the run…


we joined I-75 to Mackinack City and the toll bridge across lake Michigan


Just after the bridge, we missed our turn off onto R2 which will take us right across America to Washington; we decided to turn around and came upon a lovely little motel in a town on a reservation, St Ignace



Room $39 – breakfast included, fridge, microwave, wifi and a Trading Post opposite for a beer and a  slice of pizza; the owner even offered us cloths to clean the bike.


It is hot – very hot….


even at almost 8pm

but we took care of the Italian Stallion




Now we are about to shower and get to bed as we hope to get a better mileage tomorrow – oops, just noticed, Jan is already fast asleep!

I decided to give the fuel details and motels so that anyone considering doing a similar trip will get an idea of the costs.

Total mileage today is 394 miles. Fuel costs were $36.05. Motel was $39

Sorry to be brief – but tired and hot and still getting into the groove of the riding 🙂

Buenas noches amigos

5 Replies to “Day 1: Ohio to UP, Michigan”

  1. kinda jealous…….sounds like a great adventure!!

    Biggest adventure I get is work and back….about 11miles!!!


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