Day 5: Minnesota To Montana – Big Sky

A very short one tonight.

Days miles 514.2

Crossed all of North Dakota and now in Montana which is Mountain Time and so, 7 hours behind the UK

One wrong road – which was about 5 miles of gravel.

One section of roadworks on HW5, Montana; 17 miles of gravel and pot holes.

Nearly overtook a Sheriff at a little over the 65mph speed limit on another section but spotted the error of our ways just in time.

Motels all taken by construction workers on expenses – therefore, prices hiked up to stupidity.

BUT, we found a wonderful motel here in Scoby, Montana; a little above budget at $68 but immaculate, comfy and as large as an apartment (2 bedrooms).

Another early start so here are the most pertinent photos


Entering North Dakota this morning


Miles and miles of empty roads – fun!


Except where the road was in a mess


Montana – Mountain Time

Wait Here – 20 minutes


A GORGEOUS bed is calling me – it has already claimed Jan 🙂 Gnite x

Today’s route:

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