We’ve enjoyed a three da…

We’ve enjoyed a three day rest – done nothing but relax. Back on the road tomorrow – heading to Spearfish, South Dakota, 350 miles to the southeast. The motel is booked and we may stay there two nights – that way, we can leave all our stuff in the room and explore on the bike; We will go through Sturgis – with it’s world-famous motorcycle museum. Then I’m hoping we can ride through the Blackhills – that is a fantastic ride. See you down the road friends 🙂

4 Replies to “We’ve enjoyed a three da…”

  1. Watch out for the tourist traffic around Mt Rushmore. It is a tourist trap. Lots of good pics to be had from the road. Once you go down the entrance it is a one way trip to a pay booth.


    1. Hi Rod,
      Thanks mate.
      We’ve been to Mt Rushmore on another trip and no plans to head there this time. We want to go back to the motorcycle museum in Sturgis; hoping to get some new riding gear in there – Jan needs boots and gloves, I need a jacket so we wil check them out there.

      Then maybe ride through the Blackhills again.

      We didn’t ride Bear-Tooth (as you may have guessed) we are a bit worn out – we’re getting older I guess – and also, trying to avoid the tourist places and the crowds. The popular places are really charging a lot for motels and gas – it has cost about 50% more than last year!

      But the rest has been good and we are ready to get back on the bike now – so, who knows? 🙂


    1. Hyaa Lynn – lovely to hear from you. Hope you and Irene are well xxx

      PS – not feeling so young of late 🙂


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