July 20th – From Spearfish, South Dakota

Hi there from Spearfish.

It was a 270 mile ride here from the dusty town of Jordan in Montana.

The weather was really hot and through the ride – the weather changed pretty often; from clear blue skies to heavy rain in the distance either side of us – rain to the east and rain to the west. We did get a little wet on two occasions, but the showers were very short-lived and we quickly dried off in the heat.

I put another video together to give you and idea of how long and lonesome some of these roads are. You will see the weather changes in the video – also, look out for the dead deer by the roadside.

The first 200 miles were in Montana – then we cut a corner of Wyoming – crossed the Powder River and then crossed into South Dakota. The first town there was Belle Fourche – the geographical centre of the United States – including Alaska and Hawaii.

Eleven miles southeast of that town, is Spearfish – named by native Americans because… well, they speared fish in the river here.

The video shows the Motel and the bar we went out to for a superb steak – The Bum Steer, serving all local beef. The bartender was very friendly – he even treated me to my second glass of wine.

On the way back, we saw a bunch of Harley riders – preparing for their own road trip – I kid you not, many Harleys travel this way!

Yesterday we rode through Spearfish Canyon – very pretty. This is part of Black Hills National Forest (Take me back to the Black Hills, the Black Hills of Dakota – remember it?)








We stopped for  breakfast at Cheyenne Crossing


– if you can read this, it gives a little of the history


Jan entertained himself while waiting…..


and he DID it


We then carried on to Deadwood – famous in westerns – and then Sturgis – very famous in the motorcycling world

We were looking for some good leather riding boots for Jan – but it was all commercial rubbish with Harley and Sturgis logos so we quickly rode back to the motel.

Tomorrow, we are back on the road – the whole of South Dakota to cross – so we’ll see you down the road 🙂

2 Replies to “July 20th – From Spearfish, South Dakota”

  1. I rode across Montana too. It was much greener when I was there and I only remember getting wet in Glacier National Park but it had the lot, rain, sleet, fog and ice.
    Glad you are travelling well.

    Rod and Del sends her best.


    1. There’s a lot of drought across the USA at the moment Rod. Even Colorado has had terrible forest fires – burning for weeks. The High Plains are like a dust bowl in places and most of the creeks are dried out. Makes me wonder how people get by!
      I remember your photos of Glacier and, yes, it was pretty poor viz, lol.

      Best to you and Del too 🙂


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