Back On The Road Tomorrow

First things first; our deepest concern for Ian Stone (Helston Bikers Club) who was injured quite severely on a club ride on Sunday – yet another car driver who wasn’t looking; Ian was part of a large bike group out for a Sunday run when a woman pulled out and hit him. He was air-lifted to Dereford Hospital near Plymouth. Wishing you a full recovery Ian.

25th July: Spooner, Wisconsin.

If we hadn’t woken up to a thunderstorm and torrential rain, we would have been in Michigan tonight…. however, we did and we aren’t 🙂

Route for tomorrow

5 Replies to “Back On The Road Tomorrow”

  1. So enjoying your trip! You have alot of the same likes as my husband – he is following this also! We noticed your route through the UP and would like to offer a suggestion. Fayette State Park on the Garden Peninsula is a wonderful photo opportunity. It is just off of U.S. 2! It is a historical “ghost-mining” town. Absolutely beautiful. Safe travels! P.S. Check out Java Joe’s in St. Ignace – it’s a MUST!!!!!


    1. Thank you for the kind
      comments Margaret – much appreciated and always glad to know people are reading the blog. Great to hear of suggestions of places to visit – sometimes we miss really interesting or exciting places simply because we have never heard of them. The weather is gorgeous so far this morning so we will look out for Fayette SP – I love ghost and historic towns. I think we visited Java Joe’s when we were in St Ignace – we’ll definitely look out for it and make sure we go for a coffee this time through. Take care and ride safe, Christine


      1. Hope the trip to Fayette works out for you! You will not be disappointed. Java Joe’s looks like it belongs on the beach in California – and Joe himself is a very interesting and informative person. The Granola Joe’s pancakes are my favorite. It’s worth the stop just to visit with Joe and check out all the tea pots he has on display (and for sale!). It is located just a bit outside of town – going towards the casino. Have fun! Margarette


  2. Always sad to hear of another riders unfortunate and preventable run-in with a clueless motorist. Wishing Ian a speedy recovery…..


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