End Of The Road

That’s it – the bike is stored and we are wheel-less again


Mileage on the clock is now


The tyres are looking fine


The new back tyre 

The front tyre has fared better – after 16,000 you can still see the nobbles on the outside edge – because we daren’t take curves lying over 😀


We put the alarm in ‘Winter Mode’


Disconnected the battery


Miles at beginning of this trip  44,558

Miles at end of the trip           53,129

Total miles 2012                     8,571

So, that is it for another 9 months. Bye-bye Brave Breva, have a good winter.

7 Replies to “End Of The Road”

  1. Any regrets? Most memorable moments or place? Places you would recommend and those which you never want to think about again?


    1. No regrets – well, maybe more time further north in Alaska would have been good. Most memorable moment – standing real close to a black bear that was lying in the grass chewing a flower and the indescribably beautiful Icefields Parkway. I would recommend Banff to Jasper and that area of the Canadian Rockies to anyone as one of the most stunningly beautiful places in the world (and we have traveled to a lot of beautiful places). Never think about again? Traffic and cities – wherever they are 😀


  2. Glad your safe and sound, another interesting trip, despite the weather and roadworks… Thanks for sharing with us, best wishes, Deg x


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