The Reward

Well I decided I needed to wind down a bit, after sorting all the Iron
Butt documentation & washing all my clothes, so I went over to the Filling Station and got some beer & whiskey.Image

OK Seagrams 7, Jack Daniels & Jim Beam, are not exactly Ardbeg, Bowmore or Laphroaigh, but, when in Rome …..

I was amazed to find an actual Glass Tumbler under the paper bag ! At
$ 54 a Night its an amazing place !

Take Care Out There

4 Replies to “The Reward”

  1. Hi Jan, amazing ride, your arse has clearly hardened since we sailed together! It sounds much harder than Helming for 24hrs, which I’ve done loadsa times, but a motorbike at speed in low viz sounds nightmarish. I like yer taste in proper whisky, ah, Laphroaig! The thought brings back, nay, fair resonates with the Islay mist of yore…


    1. Ha, Hi Mate. Yes,all those miles at sea, and I have never seen lightning like that. Someone did a slide show of lightning bolts, to Metallica’s ride the lightning, on youtube, and I had that going through my mind for most of the 88 miles.

      Together we shall sample the smokey mists, upon my return!

      Best wishes to the family and anyone we know.


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