A Cold But Scenic Ride.

I sat up until 4am (I am day off today) Jan got in about 3am our time, 8pm Utah time). I made sure he was safe and comfy and we checked his photos (very impressed and sad not to be enjoying the beautiful ride with him) before heading to bed.

Notes received this morning.

I am tired now love, its 1230 here and I need to go to bed.

Well I left Evanston around 1030, and headed down 1-50 south, a scenic route, so I could get some good piccys. A lot of the pictures are somewhat misty due to wildfire smoke. There are four wildfires in Utah, and several more in surrounding states. On the TV Weather channel, they are saying it is the worst wildfire season in 100 yrs.

Anyway I only did 219 miles today, due to all the photos I took.


Happy to be back in Utah
Happy to be back in Utah

P1110575I got to Park City, and took the Guardsman Pass, over to East Big Cottonwood Canyon. Christine was dozing with Skype on, waiting for me to check in, unfortunately it turned into a long day for me. I didn’t get to a motel before about 20 30, gone 0300 in UK. I got the notebook on and sent the pics to Christine, once the last one arrived, she went to bed.

P1110572Having crossed Guardsman pass, I turned left on E Big Cottonwood Canyon and went up to the Brighton Ski Resort but is a dead-end that has a one way loop system (which I didn’t know about). Having stopped to take a piccy, I carried on when I suddenly realised I was back where I had stopped for coffee, on the way up? So I had to ask for directions. Ah well go back down to Guardsman Pass Road, then carry on past it.

It was so windy today, that when I shifted in the saddle, on Big Cottonwood, my Butt Buffer Gel pad blew off. Before I could stop, and get back to pick it up, it was run over, by at least one car, that I saw. So it probably got run over by at least 3 different vehicles, yet there was no damage anywhere!

My map was now well-worn, and was not very detailed, just where I needed it.So with 82 miles on the clock, I pulled into a petrol station, filled up and had a coffee.
As I was studying the map, a very helpful local chap asked where I was trying to get to. When I told him, he did frown a bit. Apparently the E Big Cottonwood Canyon ends at the outskirts of Salt Lake City, and getting to where I wanted to be, was a somewhat complex system of cross roads & roundabouts, right in the middle of the evening rush hour.

I was advised to head north, and get on I-215 westward then get on I-15 South.
Then get off at Nephi, where the country roads start again.

So, along the scenic routes & canyons, I only did 82 miles, then 135.6 on the 2 interstates.

P1110581P1110584P1110585P1110587P1110586Elevation 12,000 feet! It was a bit cold up there.


P1110589P1110591P1110595Look very carefully!

Jan Was Here
Jan Was Here


You are kidding, right? Brrrrr
You are kidding, right?

P1110634About the biggest ‘motel’ I have seen

The Guardsman’s Pass is a bit of a rough ride for a street bike


P1110643Now there’s a road!

P1110655 P1110656 P1110657 P1110659 P1110665P1110653

And here I am, It has just gone midnight in Utah and it has just gone 0700 in the UK.
Tomorrow I have to try & find a UV filter for the new lens, sometimes I am so stupid I amaze myself, why the hell did I not order one, when I ordered the lens ??? Duh.

Take Care Out There.

8 Replies to “A Cold But Scenic Ride.”

    1. P.s. An app is an application. In this case used as an aid for navigation, if you have a signal, and battery life to run it. Probably be useful for pottering around but battery not likely to last on the epic iron butt adventures you go on! Unless of course you choose to move more into the lines of goldwing touring where you can no doubt plug it into the charger 🙂 xxx


  1. I have a Breva 750, and enjoy going to new places. But I don’t have to drive 135 miles on A Roads merely because map navigation is difficult, or ride on an unsuspected loop – because I use a Satnav, or rather a satnav app on a smartphone.
    Co-Pilot Live downloaded from the internet allows me to set it for a motorbike, to choose how I want to travel – shortest, quickest, most economical etc. to avoid Interstates and to see where I am at all times. I can even drag routes to places I want to pass.
    If I don’t want to look at it, it will work in a pocket, just giving voice instructions. It recalculates on the fly if I miss a turn etc. and doesn’t turn into a sodden mush…Powered, it is there all day and has night settings too.
    Why are you making it so hard for yourselves?


  2. I really enjoy reading the daily updates. You have some great photographs and I don’t mind looking at the bike since I’m a bit partial; I have a Breva 750 as well and love the bike.


    1. Thank you Rider. She is a fantastically reliable bike. We’ve traveled a total of 57,000 miles on her without any problems. Normally there are two of us – so even more work for the Guzzi. But takes it all in her stride.


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