Utah: Gunnison To Panguich

Today was the first warm day I have had. I put the thick Helly on under my mesh jacket, and it was ok while riding, but stop for a short time and it got warm rather fast, so I might brave the elements tomorrow, and leave it off  and see if I have to stop down the road to put it on anyway. Oh and the Day-Glo Yellow rain suit, with the reflective strips, was not up to the job, on a bike, so I left that set in the bin in Gunnison, Yes I should have taken a piccy, but with one thing and another, I forgot.
I found a set of Frog Togs that were on sale at Wall Mart for $19. I seem to remember Frog Togs as being rather expensive at some point, and I read a lot of positive reviews. No I am not hoping for a thunderstorm, just to be able to test the set, I would be quite happy if they ward the things off so I don’t have to test them. BUT, should it happen, I am prepared.

Anyway, I left Gunnison around 08 30 and rode 89 south, it was a great road, not much traffic, so I could pull over for piccys, as and when. At some point just after Salina, the 89 becomes part of I-70 W. But, I-70 is not a typical busy interstate; it even has pull outs so you can stop to admire the view and take piccys. OK, I must admit I stopped any time I saw something I thought was good enough to get a piccy of apart from one time, where there was perhaps a foot of tarmac, then a drop off, where I had a couple of cars & a truck right behind me. Anyway what I got pushed past, was a field full of Donkeys. Not Mules, Donkeys, like some sort of wild herd, but fenced in. I have never seen so many Donkeys in one place before; ever, so yes I was a bit disappointed that I couldn’t get a pics.

Anyway, to continue on 89, you come off I-70 at Sevier. Shortly thereafter, I was on a stretch of road, that rounded a rock wall. Now you cannot see in the photos, but the reason I stopped, was because there were so many grasshoppers flying around,and I wanted a photo; well despite the amount of pics I took, I never got one o the li’l buggers. Just as I pressed the shutter, they all closed their wings & dropped; a bit like trying to photograph jumping dolphins while sailing. Guess I am getting slow in my old age.

P1110724 P1110726 P1110729 P1110738 P1110740 P1110744 P1110749 P1110751 P1110752 P1110754 P1110756 P1110761 P1110763 P1110764I stopped for a couple of piccys around Marysvale, then again around junction, then after that, things sort of widen out to not much, then suddenly you are in Panguich. I got some piccys of stuff in town, the ol’ water barrel, and the cowboy on the corner etc.

P1110766 P1110768 P1110773 P1110774 P1110775 P1110778 P1110780 P1110782 P1110783Tomorrow I am carrying on to Kanab, where hopefully I can find a cheap motel where | can stop for a couple of days, as I need to do some laundry, and a rest would be nice.

Days run, 112.5 Mi

Take Care Out There.

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