Whiskey And Wind

As mentioned in the previous post, a severe storm caused a lot of damage to the home and property of our friends, Pete and Barb. So Jan decided to head back as quickly as possible.

Having left the mountains there are not a lot of pictures, worth taking. However, here  are a couple of photos from the Grain Exchange restaurant in Slayton, Minnesota.

After my excellent meal, all I said, was, ‘Can I please have a coffee & a Chivas?’ As you can see, they serve Viking-sized shots in Minnesota

P1130319Troy is incredible, he is everywhere, all at once. ‘The Fastest Barman In The West’

P1130322Troy, if you are reading this, thanks buddy, it was great meeting you.

Next day, it was an all-day ride. Setting off, the weather was ok, but the wind got stronger & stronger, to the point where it was like GOD was beating me up.

Experienced bikers understand the wind and how to compensate for gusts but, today, the strength of the wind grew and grew until, at the end, it was like the hand of god, just reached down & slapped me sideways.
Man, I tried to overtake an 18 wheeler, while all this was going on, and yes I allowed  plenty of space………………. right up until a gust from hell slammed into me……………….. Jeez, I could see the tread pattern, in the individual tyres. as the wind pressed me  sideways, into a trailer…….

However, I managed to mix throttle & movement and get out of the way.

Today’s ride was only 608 miles, but because of the constant violent wind, slamming into me & the bike, it was much more of a physical workout than my Iron Butt Ride.
Now I am in Dwight, Illinois and I really need to get some sleep. Only 360 miles to go to get to Pete and Barb’s house.

Take Care Out There.

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