Last Days In America

Not a lot to report for the past few days – Jan has been relaxing in Michigan before crossing the border into Canada on Sunday. He will then be doing the maintenance and getting the bike storage arranged before flying back to the UK on 1st August.

He left Pete and Barbs and rode north to Michigan.

P1130386 P1130391 P1130394This is the town of Chelsea, Michigan where the famous Jiffy food mixes are made.  Jan and I stopped here on a previous trip when there was some sort of town festival going on.

WE WERE HERE BEFORE P1130404At around 7pm, his time, he phoned me to ask if I could find him a motel in Port Huron. I couldn’t; everything was booked up as there was a yacht race on the Great Lakes.

He did find a room in Lexington – eventually – it cost $88 – the bathroom was filthy and the wifi didn’t work. Worse, he didn’t get much sleep…..

P1130407[21/07/2013 18:55:47]  bastards charged me $88 yesterday, then a bunch of Puerto Ricans came  in and yelled most of the night away. So I put my TV on full volume to try to drown them out. Noise went on most of the night.

He was up and out of there first thing in the morning. He moved on to the town of Port Sanilac

P1130411Nice town, nice clean motel, reasonable wifi – booked until Friday.

The Wild Blueberry is actually - red
The Wild Blueberry is actually – red

Time to take a look around this lake-side town.P1130462P1130413 P1130432

This is our usual environment for most of the year – a marina

P1130436 P1130440 P1130446 P1130448 P1130450 P1130452 THE  OLD RESTAURANTSome nice places to walk too….

P1130417 P1130423Tonight, Thursday, Jan went out for some lunch and noticed lots of bikes in the town . They were having a 136 mile get together with a plan for raising money on a ‘Toy Run’ – heading to Sturgis in Michigan in September and raising money to buy toys for less-fortunate children. Nice bunch of guys and gals

P1130463 P1130465 P1130466 P1130468 P1130470 P1130473

It has NOT been warm on this trip!

P1130476 P1130478 P1130481 P1130487That is it for now folk – Jan is moving on tomorrow and will cross into Canada on Sunday. I’ll be back to update the blog and give the final mileage on Monday.TTFN and Ride safe

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