That Time Of Year Again!

DSC_0056-panoHi friends.

Hope you are all well and happy!

Big changes here – we’ve moved. From Cornwall to Surrey; it was like moving to another planet to begin with, but now we’ve adapted, we are both loving it.

And now it is that time of year; Jan flies to Toronto on Friday 30th May.

Sadly, I have to stay behind once again but this is the last time ever! I reach pension age next February and I will be free! To celebrate that, we are thinking of touring Australia.

But that is for the future. For now, I hope you will follow this year’s blog and maybe even post messages for ‘the boy’ as he crosses the USA again.

Christine 🙂

6 Replies to “That Time Of Year Again!”

  1. I look forward to following Jan’s journey again this year.  Good luck stay safe and when you get to Australia we will have a beer.  Rod is only 2km up the road so I am sure  bbq is in order when you arrive Cheers Baz

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