Updated Mileage and… What’s The Hurry?

Hi there friends

Jan gave me some mileage info last night.

Total miles from the home of our friends in Ohio to Rawlings, Wyoming = 1392

Total Miles from the home of our friends in Ohio to Evanston, Wyoming  = 1604

(I must ask the number of hours this took but I am guestimating about 28)

The miles on the old rear tyre – a Metzler Tourance                   = 9,989

Avon Road Rider fitted with the bike’s mileage                          = 59, 944

OK! A lot of people are wondering ‘WHY?’. Why rush across?

The truth is, the slog across the mid-west is exactly that; a slog.

For a lot of the slog there is bad weather, road works, traffic, dingy, down-and-out motels (often grubby and very likely having bed-bugs); all in all, the trip across country can be quite a drag and, you have to bear in mind, we have done that for 7 years on the trot. We have ridden Route 66 around the middle of the USA (plagued by tornado warnings and storms and floods), and Route 2 at the top of the States (very cold and wet) as well as down south to Florida and across on Route 10 (humid as hell with forest fires) as well as a north-westerly diagonal, passing through Texas (just plain frigging hot and Texas is BIG).

Not one of those routes are we itching to re-visit (maybe small parts of them only). We have come to the understanding that our personal preference is to be ‘out west’.  If we can get out west as quickly as possible, then all the better. At least, when you pay for a motel, it is cheaper, cleaner and usually in a more beautiful place and with a real sense of the USA as it used to be (until you come to the west coast of course).

We really ought to look at storing the bike out west – and swallow the extra flight costs. The downside is, we would not get to see our friends around Ohio.

Finally, Jan spends a lot of time without a bike on this side of the pond. When he gets out to the bike – he wants to ride, and ride and ride.

Hmmmm 🙂

I have some photos and text to post later today folks. Just got in from work after a 4am start – so I will get back on it asap

Ciao amigos



2 Replies to “Updated Mileage and… What’s The Hurry?”

  1. Perfectly understandable! A truck driving friend of mine says the same about the Midwest route, which he drives several times a month; besides Wyoming is pure heaven!


    1. Absolutely foxwhite. We love Wyoming, Montana and Utah best of all the states.

      And, who wants to spend hours on Interstates with lots of traffic when you can be out under the big-sky country 🙂


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