Destination: Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest, Wyoming To Utah

It was a fun – if chilly – afternoon at the bike fest yesterday.P1030864 P1030865 P1030869 P1030879 P1030880There were a few competitions, including ‘The Slow Ride Past’ where the slowest bike wins

P1030875‘The Most Tattoos’ (won by a woman)

P1030878There was also the ‘Eat The Weiner Ride’ where the rider had to eat sausages as they passed them.

But it was a pretty chilly day – as you can see by the cozy fleeces covering up the leather vests and I believe more hot coffees were sold than cold beers!

P1030866And there was a strong wind-a-blowing as shown by the flag

P1030863I thought I had parked the Breva in what I thought would be an easy exit/escape spot. I was wrong! I could not have ended up more central to the hub of the activities and it was a bit of a struggle to get the bike out. But get it out I must because I was perished and wanted to get back to the motel and a hot meal at the diner opposite. The sky did not look promising and it was with relief I found a way out and back to my room.

Today, Sunday, I am taking things easy. I still wake early – 6am this morning – but I need to catch up on rest before setting off again tomorrow morning. First priority is a few cups of coffee from the breakfast area. Later on I will pack. Also, I need to keep an eye on the weather forecast. I have been watching the oil leak too. I added the thick goopy treatment stuff and I notice there are three drops of oil on the ground this morning. I have plenty of oil and the thickness will be a help traveling high and cold, so less seepage – one hopes!

On Monday, my plan is to ride 80 miles of HW 150 which is also known as The Mirror Lake Scenic Byway. I will take it slowly and stop for plenty of photos. Looking at the route on Google maps, it seems to be quite twisty in places and, traveling through forest, I know from previous experience, there are likely to be lots of deer and maybe cattle on the roads.

Where did the Forest get its name?

Uinta – a Native American word meaning “pine tree” or “pine forest”

Wasatch – a Ute Indian word meaning “low place in high mountains”

Cache – a French word referring to the caves used by trappers to hide their furs

The majestic peaks and rugged backcountry of the Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest encompass nearly 2.1 million ecologically diverse acres, including seven Wilderness areas. The Forest is one of the most frequently visited in the USA.

The Forest is divided up into districts that spread across north-central Utah and a small slice of southwest Wyoming. Each district is unique and often reflects the character of nearby communities — from the heavily visited Tri-Canyons of the Salt Lake Ranger District to the rugged Mountain View District, the remote northern gateway to Kings Peak which, at 13,584 feet, is the highest point in Utah.

So, we can safely say, IT WILL BE COLD.



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