A Tough Ride From Heber City UT to Meeker, CO

First of all, an update on the oil leak. Rod (Squadra Guzzista and an expert at getting by with an oil leak) advised me to use thicker oil and an additive and, so far, all is well. I check the level whenever I stop and not losing very much oil at all (fingers crossed)

I wasn’t sure which direction to head this morning. I had a vague idea to go and visit the state park in Dinosaur, Colorado; this was place Christine and I rode past a few years back and I though I might go and take a look.

It was a lovely scenic ride, but, man, it was hard going – thanks to a strong, blustery wind that nearly blew me over a good few times.

P1040081 P1040082 P1040086 P1040087It was good to stop for a coffee

P1040093 P1040095 P1040096 P1040098There are some strange rock formations hereabouts – these almost looked like some sort of story written in pictograms of rock

P1040088P1040100 P1040101 P1040102 P1040104 P1040105I came to this Ute Indian monument

P1040108 P1040111 P1040112The Ute tribe reservation is one of the poorest in the country (as I read here http://www.utahstories.com/2008/01/the-ute-indians/ )

P1040114 P1040116 P1040117 P1040118 P1040119 P1040120 P1040124 P1040126 P1040127 P1040128This was the only ‘dinosaur’ I saw on this trip.

P1040130 P1040131 P1040132 P1040133 P1040136 P1040137 P1040138 P1040139 P1040140 P1040143
The next time I stopped for gas, at around 5pm, I rang Christine to say I would head to either Rangely or Craig and look for a motel. The wind was battering me badly and I felt tired. Christine took a look on Google to see if there were motels in wither town and, it seemed there was. So, off I set on the long lonely road again.

P1040144 P1040145I obviously missed a turn-off  although I have no idea how as I didn’t see any. But I stopped in Rangely and found two motels. One of those was gross – the other had a sign telling me to to such-and-such a street. No idea where, but I decided to continue on. The only town I found was Meeker where there was a motel – passable and with wifi. Not much else around.


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