4th July – Evanston, Wyoming

Hi friends.

Other than playing with the new Mac and a 4th July Rodeo I haven’t done an awful lot. I have been resting and planning the next ride though. I decided to set off on Monday (tomorrow) rather than a Sunday – partly because Christine is off work today and it means we can spend some time communicating via Skype. For the past few days, the 7 hour time difference has meant we pass like ships in the night. so, I booked one extra night and I will be heading to Casper, Wyoming early tomorrow. Highway 287 looks like a scenic road; the trip is around 487 miles and I will be stopping to take photos, so another day’s rest is not a bad thing.

Meanwhile, here are some photos from July 4th in Evanston, Wyoming.

First, take a look at this biker’s fantastic HD cap – and note he visited Sturgis, S Dakota, in 2007. We were there too that year, so perhaps our paths crossed. I met him in a bar called Spanky’s after the rodeo – it was hot and dusty, thirsty work at the rodeo 😉P1040913 P1040914During the afternoon, there were some family events taking place P1040894P1040893 P1040895 P1040897 P1040898 P1040899 P1040901 P1040902 P1040903 P1040904And i bumped into my Railroad project friend again P1040896If anyone is interested in following the progress of the railway, here is Bruce’s card.P1040911Right, the Rodeo. First – the kids had to ’round up’ the chickens

P1040968 P1040969P1040920

Nah,nah,nah,nahnah – check out his tongueP1040921Two pretty girls on the entrance gate wanted to know what my accent wasP1040922 P1040923 P1040928 P1040931 P1040934 P1040937 P1040939 P1040940 P1040948 P1040951 P1040954 P1040955 P1040966Finally, a couple more photos of things that caught my eye in Evanston: The House of Prayer has a brand new roofP1040975This was a slightly spooky empty house – Christine, shall we move in?P1040977

P1040978The sun set and soon the fireworks would begin. I tried, but, without a tripod, I couldn’t get a good shot; but I tried…. P1040980That’s it for now folk – I hope our friends in the USA had a great July 4th.

See you down the road – ride safe 🙂



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