Final Week – In Michigan

After a few days with Pete and Barb and getting to see other good friends such as Homer, Mike and Roanna, Jan said goodbye and headed back north to Michigan today.

He’s booked 5 days in a decent motel in Lansing – close to Larry and Brian of GT Motors. The Guzzi will be staying with them for a complete service so Jan will fly from Lansing via Chicago to Toronto for his flight home on the 31st July.

He had unpacked the bike then headed off to do some shopping – there’s a fridge in the room, so he doesn’t have to eat out all the time. And, of course, he brought a couple of beers back to relax with.

A few minutes ago, I caught him, via Skype, still in his braces – supping from his giant mug, which is actually a jug……Voila_Capture 2014-07-25_10-54-32_PMTomorrow he is off to a car/bike event so, photos to follow.

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