Classic Car Show, Lansing, Michigan

Hi there.

Jan has had a couple of days rest, caught up with laundry and even had a day out at the Classic Car Show held in downtown Lansing.

I’ll add the photos here and, where I can the descriptions Jan managed to add but this post might need more detail when Jan gets back. I’ll post another link when he does that.

Meanwhile, the cars – and bikes. These old classics had STYLE.

100% original Suzuki
100% original Suzuki
Ford Prefect
Ford Prefect
Convertible Hard Top

Car with air started 12 cyl Airplane engine P1050411 P1050412 P1050416 P1050417 P1050420 P1050422 P1050424 P1050425 P1050427 P1050428 P1050435

Rare Tourer, not many built
Rare tourer – not many of them left
The H2 3 cyl 2 stroke Speed Machine
The H2, 3 cylinder 2-stroke Speed Machine
This REO sounded like a steam engine
This REO sounded like a steam engine
Another rare car (?) but it is rare
Boss Hoss
Weird – or what?
A Shelby Cobra

P1050436 P1050437 P1050438 P1050439 P1050440 P1050442 P1050443 P1050445 P1050447 P1050449 P1050450 P1050451 P1050452 P1050453 P1050455 P1050456 P1050458 P1050459 P1050460 P1050466 P1050467

Car with air-started 12 cyl airplane engine
Car with air-started 12 cyl airplane engine

P1050475 P1050476 P1050478

Flat Head V 8 Valves are in the Eng Block
Flat head V8 – Valves are in the Eng Block
This car was a preferred race car, power-to-weight

P1050484P1050486P1050487P1050488P1050492P1050493P1050494P1050495P1050496P1050497P1050498P1050499P1050500P1050502P1050503P1050505P1050506P1050507P1050508P1050513P1050514 P1050516 P1050517 P1050518 P1050521 P1050522 P1050524 P1050525 P1050526 P1050527 P1050528


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