A Plan Comes Together

NOT, the original plan and not anything like previous plans – but a plan all the same!

For a number of reasons I won’t go into, I found I couldn’t do the whole two months of the trip and very nearly had to think about not going at all.

But, then we came up with a plan and we were able to make all the bits fit together yesterday evening.

So! Flights are booked, I have my ESTA (visa waiver for the USA) and we have the personal, travel and dangerous pursuits insurance – once again with GoWalkabout. There is just the bike insurance to sort out now and once again, we will be using Motorcycle Express.

So, what is different about this trip?

Jan flies to Detroit on Wednesday, 3rd June. He will pick the bike up and ride to see friends in Ohio – Pete and Barb, Homer, Mike and Roanna, Cheryl and Ron plus lots of others. He will spend about a week there and then head out west – possibly doing the Bum Burner again (oh no!)

Are you wondering where I am, at this point?

I will be here at home UNTIL Wednesday 17th June. Then I fly out to LAS VEGAS!

By the 16th of June, Jan ought to be in St George, Utah, where we have booked a motel for 3 days. I land in LV on the 17th and I’ve booked a shuttle to take me to St George. This will then be our base for ONE GLORIOUS MONTH touring the southwest – in particular, Utah, Nevada and Arizona.

Jan loves the ride across the continent and I love the photography so, one advantage of this arrangement is we both get to do the part we get most out of. Of course, Jan loves riding around the southwest too; to him, it is the whole ride thing – just being on the bike.

Next step is to plan the four weeks so we see some of the places we haven’t visited on previous trips (I really fancy the Mojave Desert this year) as well as some of the indescribably beautiful places we have seen before and can never see too often. In addition, I lost all my photos from the last 6 years – ALL of them! So there are places I absolutely have to return to, to photograph again.

Meanwhile, check out this video advertising the great national parks to be found in Utah…. the parks we will definitely be returning to this year.

Click bottom right corner to watch in full screen. A grand landscape needs to be seen BIG.

2 Replies to “A Plan Comes Together”

  1. I am a Guzzi rider in Las Vegas…if you need help or have questions or want to hook up for riding, feel free to contact me. I do have a truck if needed and a garage with hand tools.
    Unfortunately, we don’t have room to host anyone, but glad to do anything we can.

    Home phone: 7024579917
    Cell: 7025958665
    If you need help, I can respond outside the Las Vegas area….


    1. Hi Tim and many thanks for your generous offer. Your contact details are noted – with gratitude; fingers crossed there’ll be no need for assistance but, it would be great to meet up and ride the Guzzis together at some point. Keep an eye on the blog and we’ll email you when we are in the area. Best wishes, Christine and Jan


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