Day 3: East Lansing, MI to Gibsonburg, OH.

Hi there. For now, I am just adding the photos that Jan has emailed to me today – not had any commentary from him yet – he is with friends who do not have internet so he dashed to the library to send these photos to me. I need to tell him to send larger images though. The bike was fine and I am glad he is in now the warm bosom of dear friends for a few days of fun and riding. First though – well done on your own road trip, Brian; we’re looking forward to seeing some photos of your trip. Jan tells me there was snow in Colorado, still? My favourite Moto Guzzi, Brian’s Mille GT; I love this bike

Brian's Guzzi
Brian’s Guzzi

Thank you for all the work you did on our Breva, too; the seat looks great (and comfy) and it is a big relief to know she has had such a thorough service.

Just to confirm, the start mileage of the Breva – what a girl! 66,169 miles all, apart from her first 10 miles, in the USA and Canada! And, to think, the general consensus was, ‘ but. it’s a street bike

The Odo on Day 1
The Odo on Day 1

The motel in East Lansing; Friday morning and packed and ready to head to Ohio




That is all for now; ride safe everyone.

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