Creeping Up Fast & The Nerves Are Kicking In!

Jan should be setting off sometime today; I wish him good weather, very few (preferably, no) roadworks and, most of all, a very safe ride.

I have just booked a shuttle to take me from Las Vegas airport in Nevada, across the state line and into Utah.

I’ve booked the shuttle for 1730 even though we land at 1405; this is partly to allow for any delays but really, I am hoping we land on time and I can ride into Las Vegas to experience it. Yes, we rode through LV about 4 years ago but, and I swear this is absolutely true, we didn’t see a thing apart from low-level houses and a couple of motels! Actually, we got lost due to some diversions around road works; but my only memory of the place is the two signs, “Welcome To Las Vegas” and, “Thank You For Visiting Las Vegas”


Not bad at all – $39 for a three hour trip!

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