Valley of Fire, Moapa, Nevada.

In order to avoid Last Vegas, we rode the back road parallel to the Valley of Fire – we had spotted this quiet road the a couple of days ago when we visited the Valley. There’s one turn off on this poorly signed route and we weren’t sure which way to go so Jan stopped the bike so I could check the map. There was no pull-off but he went close to the edge of the road. However, my legs aren’t as flexible as they used to be and I have a lot to lift them across with the side bags. My boot got stuck. Jan, thinking he would help me, tipped the bike a little which made me roll off and into the road as a car approached. My helmet went rolling down the road a couple if feet and, embarrassed, I managed to get up quickly (although with a sore tush and a bit of road rash to the pad of my hand). The kind folk in the car stopped to check I was ok.

Imagine! in this barren landscape, a car happened to pass just as I fell off!
Just where I fell off

The colours in this landscape as the sun went down were stunning but we didn’t have the time or the energy to stop and get the camera out of the side bags; the sun was sinking rapidly and, heading west, right into it was blinding. Besides which, there weren’t that many places to pull off the road. We did stop at Lake Mead for a stretch.

Finally, we reached Boulder City. And that bed looked very tempting

but first we needed food.

Jan’s French onion soup
My Greek salad
Jan’s giant sarney

And then a pleasant walk back to the hotel

2 Replies to “Valley of Fire, Moapa, Nevada.”

    1. Not heading east at all this year. We are staying in Nevada and Utah. This is a shorter and later trip due to the death of Jan’s father.


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