A Spot Of Gambling.

After our hot ride, followed by refreshing showers, we decided to have a wine and a beer in the hotel bar. All bars in Nevada have slot machines fitted into them and, yes, Jan was tempted. ‘Just a fiver’ he said.

He fed his $5 note in and got some credits. We chose a poker game. Somehow, despite my total lack of knowledge or even interest in gambling, we seemed to do quite well and the dollars mounted up sufficiently for us to raise the stakes enough to put bets of $5 a go on.

We reached the dizzy heights of getting a ‘flush’ and the princely sum of $38


Which then multiplied further to $45


Ultimately, at the end, we lost our proverbial shirts – as most gamblers do. Yes all those dollars came to a big fat zero.


But it was good fun, while it lasted.

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