UK Preparations (Christine)

Tomorrow, Tuesday, it will be one week since Jan flew to Las Vegas. I fly this Friday so I am back-up at home for anything he needs bringing over.

Straight off, he found that the Data Tool key fob for the alarm wasn’t working so he went to Wal-Mart to buy a new battery but, on opening the Data Tool up, he found the solder missing on one end of the battery holder and, despite replacing the battery, the thing only worked intermittently. We do have another (my spare) and that is working fine so far. But if that also gives up due to also being over 11 years old, we would have a serious problem as it immobilises the bike.

Apparently, this model is no longer made so it took a bit of a search to find someone who had one and pray that it would arrive before I leave.

Success; Elite Motorcycle Services in Kent had one in stock and Dave, the owner, got it into the post the same day tracked and signed for and it arrived the following morning. It cost £52.94 inc P&P, pretty expensive for such a tiny thing but it is an important tiny thing.


It is two years since we were last in the USA and I weighed a few kilos more then. The motorcycle suit I had was not going to fit me this year – I looked as broad as long in it because I had had to buy it way too big in the first place – it was for a tall man and I am not a tall man.

Fortunately, my daughter, Caroline has a nice leather motorcycle suit that is intended for women and it fits perfectly. That’s that sorted. But, man, it is heavy to carry – almost 7kg for the whole suit and I am only taking cabin luggage (no point taking more than we have room for on our already overloaded bike). A brainwave; I will travel in the jacket. A bit unwieldy but it means I’ll have room in my backpack for the trousers, tee-shirts, knicks and that’s about it!

While looking through this blog, I did come across a photo of my old MC suit jacket (the one before the 2016 tour) which I did love but, like us oldies, it got a bit past it and had to be binned 😒


I’ve now got all my own paperwork in order, apart from online check-in which can only be done 24 hours beforehand. My ESTA (Electronic System For Travel Authorisation) issued by Customs and Border Protection – and no way are foreigners allowed in without it – had expired, so I needed to renew that. It always amazes me that in the long list of questions I am asked if I intend to commit any terrorist activities!


I have been busy booking motels for Jan – the one he was in in St George didn’t have any vacancies for the next two nights so he has to move about a mile down the road today which means hauling all the bike bags and luggage downstairs (no trolley or lift) and then repeating the job in the next motel.

Two more days in St George and then he will head to Mesquite, Nevada to wait for me to arrive. The usual motel we use in Mesquite didn’t have room until Friday 13th so, once again, he will stay in one motel for two nights and then move to the other one (it’s cheaper). I have also booked a motel for the following two nights – in Boulder City, Nevada; a wonderful, real, old American town full of artworks. The quaint and historic hotel we used last time was fully booked so, a new one to try. I have been surprised at how so many motels/hotels are fully booked at this time of year. It isn’t a time of school holidays and it is a way off Christmas. I guess people find Nevada more bearable in the cooler months.

We both really enjoy Mesquite and are looking forward to visiting The Virgin Valley Heritage Museum, originally known as the Desert Valley Museum. The museum displays exhibits about area pioneers and local history.

We hope the weather will improve once a little further south as Jan has had a lot of rain in St George. He’s happy to stay there for a few days though as he can spend time on the shooting range (his passion; whilst in the Danish army, he shot competitively) so he has been having fun going to the range as often as twice a day. Making the most of it as, shooting in Europe and especially the UK, is impossible.

I took this at the same range in 2016
2016 photo

Yesterday there was a little improvement in the weather – well, for a short time – so Jan took a ride to one of the places we have missed on previous trips; The Red Cliffs Desert Reserve. Apologies once again, Jan is using his phone camera at the moment and it is not the greatest of phone cameras.





The large white building just left of the centre quadrant of this photo is the St. George Utah Temple. Completed in 1877, it was the church’s third temple completed, but the first in Utah, following the migration west of members from Nauvoo, Illinois, following the death of the church’s founder, Joseph Smith.

Here are two photos taken in 2016



So, that is it for a couple of days. I’ve got my shuttle booked with St George Shuttle so i’m hoping my flight isn’t as delayed as Jan’s was. Fingers cossed.

I just love this little tin car and photograph it every time I am there 🙂

4 Replies to “UK Preparations (Christine)”

  1. I also enjoyed pistol and rifle competition for years, but at my age I just try to stay “adequate” with the .45 and 7.62. Best regards, Bruce


    1. Jan finds his arms ache very quickly, Bruce. So he is splitting his visits into two. Age, eh? Gets us all in the end 😀


  2. Good to hear things are moving along for you….the Norwegian fellow I escorted ended up going south from Cedar City due to the weather…on the 13th I am taking him down to the old mining camp at Nelson so he can take photos.


    1. Hi Timothy.Sorry not to have replied sooner but I’ve been so busy getting things sorted here – then I messed the blog up and that took hours to correct.I hope you and your friend had a great ride together. Jan is now inn Mesquite. I’ll be there tomorrow 🙂


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