Day 2: Mesquite, Nevada

The shuttle from McCarran airport, Las Vegas was a little behind schedule and pulled into the drop- off point, where Jan was waiting, about 30 minutes late. It was so nice to get a big hug.

Someone had given him two complimentary tickets to eat at the Eureka buffet but I was too tired to make the most of that and just wanted something light to eat and get to bed. Of course, it was only 8pm here and Jan is fairly caught up in the body clock department. We took my bag to our hotel and went straight back out again to go to a nice diner close by, Peggy Sue’s.

I eat a very low carb/high fat diet so eating out can always be a bit of a challenge and I usually stick to ordering a couple of sides which works out most of the time and it certainly did tonight. Simple grilled chicken and half an avocado.

I asked the waitress if they had any olive oil, ‘sorry, honey we use healthy corn oil in here’. No way, Jose. Just outside Peggy Sue’s is a supermarket so I went in there to buy a small bottle of olive oil. I had forgotten about this and the necessity of carrying my own around. The chicken was nice and moist though and very tasty.

Jan had got a bottle of wine for me and six alcohol-free beers for himself. We had a couple of drinks but I was nodding off so went to bed. Of course my body clock woke me in the middle of the night and it was difficult to get back to sleep.

We needed to sort out storage somewhere loser than Cedar City for convenience and because bad weather is entirely possible going over Duck Creek to Cedar City at this time of year as you can see from the last trip – and this was in September

After breakfast we set off to explore the three storage places we had found online. It was lovely being back in the bike, especially baggage-free. The roads here are quiet which was a relief for me as I’m always a bit nervous on the first couple of rides. Caroline’s leather riding jacket fit like it was made to measure and was sooooo comfortable.

The nearest storage facility was 1.2 miles away but their website said there was a waiting list. The other two just over 2 miles. That doesn’t sound far, but they are both in more or less reclaimed desert and up very steep hills. The problem here is, Mesquite has neither buses nor even one taxi! So once the bike is stowed, we’d have quite a hot walk back into town.

This is the kind of terrain I mean …. desert.

All very disappointing so we decided to check out the closer one despite reading there is a waiting list. It was still a long, hot walk but nothing compared to the other two. There was a ray of hope though; there were some notices saying, ‘Rentals Available ‘ Unfortunately it is closed over the weekend so we decided we would call them on Monday and double check.

We next headed to the wonderful Virgin Valley Heritage museum to say hi to Elspeth, the lovely lady we met last time we were here and who follows our blog.


Elspeth greeted us with a huge smile and a big hug before showing us a couple of new additions to the museum.

We mentioned to Elspeth that we were trying to find a storage facility and she actually offered us the use of her garage; how incredibly kind and generous.

We don’t wish to impose in good people so we’re going to St George tomorrow to check out units there.

2 Replies to “Day 2: Mesquite, Nevada”

  1. Nice post, glad to see you are both back. As an aside, allow me to bring your attention to one of a number of articles on corn oil v olive oil. The conventional wisdom is that OO is better than CO but there is plenty of new data showing it is not as cut & dry.

    So next time you are without your OO [by the way I was weaned on garlic and OO, being of Italian descent] don’t fret, your body will benefit from both!


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