Day 5: St George UT to Boulder City, NV via a freezing ride to Cedar City.

Despite searching St George for storage facilities, there were no suitable places at a reasonable cost. We have used Cedar City since Jan’s illness in 2013 and they are very good. A unit there costs $30 per month; the cheapest we found in St George was $85!

So, Cedar City it is. We were only 59 miles away so we decided to get the unit rental firmed up ASAP and, at the same time, offload some gear that we do not need on this trip; a tent, 2 sleeping bags, 2 inflatable mattresses and some other camping items, it is too cold to camp at this time of year and we seriously need to reduce what we carry,

We made a very early start; up at 6 and packed, but it was pitch dark at that time.

We had to check out of the motel in St George by 11am so we packed everything in two piles – one to go into storage and all the rest to stays in our room.

It was, indeed, extremely cold. There was snow on the mountain tops. Despite being well wrapped up, we shivered uncontrollably and, at about 30 miles, were relieved to see a gas station.

It was so cold, we couldn’t feel our fingers

At last, we reached Cedar City at about 0945. One more stop whilst Jan flexed his frozen fingers

Next, it was straight off to Cedar storage. That was a quick sort-out as they already had bank details and had reserved the same unit. We ride around to it, offloaded the camping gear and got straight back on the bike back to St George. We just about made it back at 1105 am, took all our remaining gear out and loaded up the bike again; a bit lighter than it has been.

Jans MacBook Air seemed to have a problem making a WiFi connection so we took it over to an Apple repair place in the town. The guy said to give him 1-2 hours to check it out.

With time to burn, we headed to Denny’s for a much needed, hot breakfast. After which, we rode up to a nice red rock area with a good view over the town.

As pleasant as it was up there, we needed to get a move on and were relieved to get a call from the techie. Unfortunately, not good news. The Air needs a new WiFi card and he didn’t have one in stock. Ok, we’ll get by. I have my iPad but Jan hates that! He’ll have to manage with his phone then.



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