2011: A Rest In Kanab

Been a nice rest here in Kanab.

I haven’t posted anything since arriving here – I thought a rest would be good for all.

Taken lots of photos of this lovely town – known as Little Hollywood because so many westerns were filmed in the area. The Parry Lodge motel was a favourite place of John Wayne as well as many other film stars.

This afternoon we went up to the Movietown Museum where they have some sets from movies such as Outlaw Josie Wales.

Bike-wise, we replace the air filter and the spark plugs. Bit of a bugger getting the trim back on!

Now we are starting the packing. Bought a few essentials for camping in Zion National Park tomorrow – assuming we can get a pitch for the tent. I always feel a sense of despair when I look around a motel room and see just how much we have to load onto the poor bike.

 Assembling my hiking gear

We’ll probably be there one or two days then heading over the state line into Nevada to ride The Extraterrestrial Highway again – see if we can find any aliens this time.  This is a bit of a nail-biter as there is only one town on this isolated road – Rachel. No gas stations for about 70 miles to the south or 110 miles to the north. We might have to buy a fuel can and carry a gallon – if we can fit it on the bike!

From there, we are heading west yet again, to Lee Vinnings near Yosemite NP, California. Not planning on going into Yosemite though, but I do want to spend an evening besides Mono Lake taking photos of the wonderful, otherworldly tuffas and the thousands of birds.

So I may not be around on the ether for a few days.

Meanwhile, here’s some photos  from last night. A young couple pulled into the motel – and amazed me when they took a lovely little white Maltese dog from a pet carrier on their Yamaha Road Star!

 Yamaha Road Star and trailer arrives
 HEY! What about unpacking me?

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