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The Michelin Pilot Activs ARRIVED and are fitted!

The reason we have been searching these particular tyres out is because they are a mix of hard and soft rubber. Being two-up and carrying a lot of gear, we never wear the outside of the rubber – in fact on all four changes of tyre, we have still had the nobbles, as new, on the outside, while the centre is bald.

The two-component Activs have a harder rubber centre which should allow better mileage without sacrificing performance.

The Metzler Lazer Tech and the Pirelli Sport Demons that we have used up to now – great tyres in wet or dry conditions – have only lasted around 7,000 miles on previous trips (rear tyre as that is where the main weight is concentrated with two of us and all the gear). The front tyre has lasted about 12,000  miles.

Another new innovation we are trying with these tyres is to use Dyna Beads instead of a balance weight. According to the brochure, ‘ Dyna Beads TM is the reliable, dynamic tire-balancing solution that will smooth out your ride and lengthen the life of your tires’

And, allegedly, give
A glass smooth ride
Longer tire life
Easy to apply for the life of the tire
No ugly spoke or rim weights to damage custom alloys
Proven performance

We’ll see if the advertising blurb is to be believed!

We may be ready for the off by Sunday; but which way shall we go?

Miles on bike at tyre change – 35,956

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