Motoguzziriders Saddle Up Again


Hi all 🙂

After a two year break, we are finally returning to the Guzzi again. Poor thing has been in a lock-up in Cedar City, Utah, all this time.

In 2017, Jan had cataract surgery which didn’t go very well and I had abdominal surgery so there was no way we could do a motorcycle tour.

This year has presented us with a few hurdles and stumbles too but, finally, we managed to put a trip together in about three days. As it is so late in the year, we will be staying south as even Utah can have deep snow at this time of year.

Jan has gone on ahead of me so that he can have the bike serviced and I will follow him next week.

After a 5am rise yesterday, he got to his motel 28 hours later. The flight was delayed, then further delayed by strong headwinds. So they landed about 3 hours late which meant he missed his shuttle to St George and the following two shuttles (90 minutes apart) were full up. Long/short; he finally found another company to get him to St George but then he had to travel to Cedar City by taxi which cost him $120! With the time difference of 8 hours, it is now almost three in the morning so I am sure he will now be in the land of a well-earned nod.

Once he has rested, he will be off to the bike and getting things moving – that might not be straightforward as the battery is probably flat and the tyres could well be flat too. Fingers and tootsies crossed.

Here is the route we think we will be taking and we may even dip our toes into Mexico as we are going so far south.

The general route
Satellite 2018-10-03 at 16.36.01
Satellite image to show the terraine
On The Road
Riding along on the Moto Guzzi Breva 750
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