The End Of An Era

Well, our dear Breva is no longer ours.

Yes, she has been adopted by old Guzzi friends, Brian and Kim who live in Michigan.

We felt we had toured as much of the USA as we wanted to and it was beginning to be the same old routes; that and the fact we just didn’t have quite so much energy on the last trip and it took us longer to recuperate once we returned home.

So we wrote to Brian and asked if he and Kim would like to have the Guzzi. It would cost far more than the bike is now worth to fly it home, the fact it has British plates was another problem but, most of all, we wanted our trusty and much loved steed to go to a good home and we know she has done. Kim has the same Breva model bike too so she is very familiar with the Breva and Brian is an ace with Motoguzzi motorcycles in general.

Kim’s lovely red Breva
Loaned to us while Brian worked on ours. I really like the bike in red.
Brian working on our Breva in 2015


Brian’s own Guzzi ready for a road trip.
L-R: Brian, Larry & Kim
Ace Guzzista, Larry who, tragically drowned while on holiday a couple of years later.

Of course, the main problem was that Kim and Brian live in Michigan and the bike was on the other side of the continent in Utah!

That didn’t faze them; they were delighted to adopt our bike and took a road trip with a trailer to bring her back. They haven’t been home in Michigan for long but I hope we will hear how their trip went and see some photos with the bike’s new American plates, once all that is sorted out. She’s earned her stripes having taken us almost 80,000 miles in the USA; she only ever did 10 miles in the UK! So she is an American/Italian in all but plates.

Guzzi could not have gone to a better home. Thank you, Kim and Brian.

Opening up the lock-up in Cedar City, Utah


In the trailer ready to travel in ease





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