Getting Ready – The Cameras

Earlier this year I thought I would take a smaller camera on the next trip. So I bought a little Ricoh GRDlll (1.9 / 28mm). Two weeks later, I won a competition and the prize was a Sony NEX5 with an 18-55mm lens. Now that is a really handy size and has the large senor of a DSLR. Great.

But as the time to go draws near, I began to think I would miss my Nikon and end up frustrated without it.

Two days ago, mgm offered to buy me a pro lens for the Nikon; the Nikkor 24-70 2.8 lens. Not cheap, not small. But wow; it is one sharp lens. So that has to come on the trip. I´ll use the Sony on the road and keep the Nikon well wrapped up in one of the bike panniers and use it when we are stopped for a day or two.

Here´s some photo (taken with the little Ricoh)

Total Gear This Trip

The Nikon D300s with the 24-70mm 2.8 on
The Sony NEX5 with the 18-55mm 3-4.5 on
The 16mm 2.8 prime with a fish-eye converter attached.

The Nikon D300s with the 24-70mm lens (big lens hood!)
Without the hood
Without the hood, side view
The Sony NEX5 with the 18-55 lens (not as big as it looks in this wide-angle lens)
The Sony 16mm 2.8 with the fish-eye converter on

Seeing the mast, boom and rigging through the 24-70mm


Not bothering with my traveling tripod – it won´t take the weight of the Nikon – even before the Big Boy lens!

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