Cooking N Chillin In Kansas

Hi from a teeny town on the Kansas plains. The weather is terribly hot and quite humid – thunderstorms abound 360 degrees around us. Our riding gear is bug-clogged and we are just tired. It’s the heat that’ll do that to you and, after the cool of the mountains, it is taking its toll this last two days.

On the ride from Colorado to Kansas the sky became increasingly heavy – didn’t like the look of the clouds

The sky didn’t look too promising

We decided to find a motel in the next town, Garden City – just in time because we had just unloaded the bike when the heavens opened and the thunder and lightning started and went on throughout the night…..

It was dry this morning but very oppressive. I found 3 dead beetles and one crawling around the bathroom so we decided to move on. A hundred and 40 miles further east, we found a nice little motel here in La Cross. Laundromat on the grounds and all we need in town. The small but immaculate room has a microwave, a fridge, a phone and wi-fi. A nice new tv with all the channels – so we can lie-in in the mornings – no worries about re-packing and loading up the bike – and we can spend hours in bed watching Discovery, Animal Planet or the History Channel. For FIVE whole nights 🙂 🙂 🙂

More like, I’ll finally catch up on sorting out the hundreds of photos taken in the last few days and uploading some here!

So, give me a day or so, and I’ll be up-to-date…. I hope.

The only plan we have is to ride the 80 miles to a town called Marquette and visit the …….

Kansas Motorcycle Museum

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