Not Long To Go

Well, only 2 days before heading to the UK and then 2 more days before the flight to Canada.

There´s lots to do – packing is always the worry; have we get EVERYTHING? Is there ANYTHING we really can do without; a balancing act that can give you a headache.

My biggest uncertainty is the camera gear. I finally realised I would really have to take my Nikon and the big doofer 24-70mm lens; heavy bit of kit in itself.

But should I then take the tiny point and shoot Ricoh – or the small-with fish-eye Sony NEX5?

Or, the waterproof Canon D10 point and shoot? No, I think not; not too impressed with the photos on that.

Clothing – on the bike we are really limited. We usually take (each) 2 tee shirts, one pair of non-bike trousers, and 1 pair of non-bike shoes, or, in my case flip-flops.

FInally – all decided on and laid out to re-check

Fortunately, a lot of our bike stuff is already in either Canada – riding suits, body armour, helmets, tools, first aid kit and all the bags.

The rest of our stuff is stored with friends in Ohio – tent, sleeping bags, camping stove, maps, and a dozen other small things that I can never remember until we return.

We have biker friends in Hamilton – where the bike is stored. Anna and Donovan are trying to locate two new tyres in readiness. The ones we decided on are Michelin Pilot Actives – same as we wanted last year, but were unable to get. We ended up buying the only two, unmatched tread tyres that we could find that would fit!

Last year, we stayed with Anna and Donovan – very kind of them to put us up. Anna took this photo outside their house and dirt-bike trailer (they are great competition riders)  just before we set off; it was for an article in a biker magazine.

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