Day 1: East Lansing, Michigan.

You know you need to get some sleep – but just cannot, so you toss and turn and then fall asleep just half an hour before the alarm goes off; yes, that was Tuesday night/Wednesday morning for us.

0500: Alarm goes off and it hits you; this is D-Day for one of us at least. Quick showers and a couple of cuppas each whilst waking up. Then the mental and verbal checks of what is in the bag, who is taking what and ‘do you have copies of all the paperwork; passport, flight tickets, bike insurance, medical insurance, bike key?’,  and we are ready to head to Heathrow Airport at 6am.

Public transport from where I live is fantastic. We walked out of the door and about 100 yards to the right to wait the 5 minutes for the 281 to Hounslow bus station. From there was another very short walk to Hounslow East and the London underground, Piccadilly line to Heathrow.

Sorry these photos below are from my phone camera – so not too good.

The Piccadilly Line at Hounslow East
The Piccadilly Line at Hounslow East

IMG_20150603_072733557_HDR IMG_20150603_073757173_HDR

You can see how close to the airport we are!
You can see how close to the airport we are!  

IMG_20150603_084321297 IMG_20150603_082624847 IMG_20150603_082206962_HDR IMG_20150603_075544872_HDR

I forgot to take a photo as Jan went through security.

It was now 8am and I headed home.

At 10pm 0ur time (5pm in Detroit) I had a call on Skype from Jan. He had just arrived and checked in. Next job was to phone Kim, whose husband Brian had finished servicing the bike; Brian was on his own road trip; Kim said she would pick Jan up and take him home for a BBQ and he could ride the bike back. There was a suprise awaiting – Brian arrived back that afternoon, so a delicious meal and a lot of excited chat was to be had before Jan rode our bike back to the motel.

By that time, I was fast asleep. I awoke to some messages on Skype and some photos emailed.


The 'Start' mileage
The ‘Start’ mileage
The re-upholstered seat
The re-upholstered seat
The motel room
The motel room

and, finally, the usual ‘giant jug’ that Jan carries around for his nightly bottle of beer; note the web page he has open 🙂


I’ll have some more info later today and, hopefully, some photos.

Ride safe motoguzziman and everyone who rides.

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